Symptoms and Solution for Anxiety and Depression:

Stress can be present when you lose a loved one, get fired from a job or go through a divorce, etc. Anxiety and depression are caused by stress, in fact, are technically the same things or are highly related to each other. Stress can be physical or mental both. A little bit of stress for a short time period is not dangerous but the smallest stress for a long period of time can affect your body and life in a very negative way. For example, if you hold a glass of water in the air for two minutes that will be ok for your arms or muscles. Your body can suffer from that little effort but if you continue to hold this lightweight glass of water for a little longer after 20 minutes your shoulder will start to pain and if you hold even longer you may lose your arm muscle.

  1. Causes of anxiety and depression:

Causes of anxiety and depression

These are the very common causes of anxiety and depression in people. You may lose your job and after a few days maybe you find a better opportunity and you will be thinking why you were that stressed, so don’t be stress for any reason because one day you will find better.

  1. Signs of anxiety and depression:

Signs of anxiety

Fear is the most dangerous cause of stress and anxiety as you get into a fight and you want to fight that person but your heart rate is super fast and you even don’t know how to beat that person. Your hands are sweating and you are not able to talk, that is the stress of fear. If you have this kind of fear you should join some kind of self-defense classes or join boxing clubs to get yourself always ready for a fight.

  1. How to cope with anxiety?

This is not a medical-related website, so I will guide you on some sportsmen techniques here as I am also a player in football, boxing, and other games. When I was young I had so many stress issues which fear of fight and break up things were there. But when I decided to move on and make myself fit and fearless I joined a boxing club near my house. When I started training and had a lot of punches from other guys, in the beginning, that time I was getting stronger. And after 3 to 4 months I was no fear of any fight and I have beaten bullies many times.

How to cope with anxiety

On the other hand, if your anxiety and depression are due to a job or loved one. You should try meeting your friends that are funny and interesting. Try keeping yourself busy with other things like sports or movies etc. Avoid things that belong to the reason for your anxiety and depression such as pictures.

You can pray for yourself if you believe in God and try outing with nice people on your friend list. Friends are the best guys that will help you get rid of that shit named anxiety.

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