Are protein shakes good for weight loss? Beginners guide:

Could protein be the miracle food that helps you lose weight? In this article, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about protein shakes are good for weight loss? and how to make sure that you are getting enough of the right amount of protein in your diet to stay on your fat loss journey.

High protein diets have shown the ability to help with weight management. A healthy balanced diet is a key to keeping those extra pounds at bay but something about this mighty macronutrient seems to be helping people to lose weight.

  1. Thermic effect:

First, there is the thermic effect of food or thermogenesis which is a natural increase in heat that your body produces which uses energy.

Other nutrients cause a lower rate of dietary thermogenesis than protein. Research in the nutrition and metabolism journal explains that eating protein can actually allow the body to blast through up to 20 to 30 percent more calories than carbohydrates and fat.

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  1. How does a protein shake work for weight loss?

There’s satiety, simply put protein helps you stay fuller for longer which decreases the chance of you accidentally grazing your whole way through a package of biscuits and that share bag of Doritos between your meals. Based on the visual analog scale which measures perceived appetite. You may still have some confusion about are protein shakes are good for weight loss? and the answer is “yes”. As protein shakes help your body to lose weight without losing muscle. In fact, if you take more protein than normal requirements, you will see noticeable growth in your muscles.

  1. Types of protein in the market:

  • Whey protein: One of the best types of protein made from dairy products and absorbed quickly. It contains all amino acids
  • Soy protein: Another best type of protein is made of plants products and absorbed slowly. It may have other health benefits also.
  • Casein protein: Type of protein made from dairy products and absorbed Slowly. It contains all amino acids
  • Rice protein: A type of protein made from plants. It contains all less essential amino acids.

Protein shakes are good for weight loss as people have been found to be fuller after a 60% vs 19% protein meal. Muscles are metabolically active which means that they require energy to simply exist.

  1. Protein vs calories:

The more muscle tissue you have the more calories your body will burn every day. You still have to be mindful of the energy you are consuming versus the energy you are expending.

It preserves muscle if you are trying to lose weight with the help of your protein shakes or through dieting and you are restricted your energy intake, it’s still really important that you maintain an adequate intake of protein. Otherwise, your body will be burning muscle mass for energy as well as fat which is less than ideal for that sculpted physique you had in mind.

A study by Bossy Wetfoot and Mullet in 2014 found that a normal weight person can lose upwards of 35% fat-free mass i.e muscle or dieting.

If you want to hold on to your muscles spread your protein out throughout the day in four to five servings of at least 20 grams.

You will need to make sure that you are doing regular resistance training to encourage the turnover of muscle protein.

  1. Side effects of protein shake:

There are no unhealthy effects of protein shakes. People with no know kidney problems may be affected a little bit. But there are caloric concerns.

Too much protein and you are not going to get enough carbs and fats to stay healthy while keeping your calorie deficit.

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  1. Supplements for protein shakes to lose weight:

To hit your daily protein goal you might want to supplement with a protein powder. Aim for a protein powder that’s lower in fat and carbs but still has a good dose of protein and that is lower in calories.

Clear whey isolate

Impact whey isolate

Clear vegan protein

These protein supplements are all lower in calories. You might want to avoid mass gainers as they contain a lot more calories and carbs. To sum up protein shakes are good for weight loss, it is essential for preserving muscle mass when dieting, and also makes dieting a lot easier.

Just make sure you spread it throughout the day and eat enough of the stuff for the best results.

But you can try muscle mass gainers such as ON company products if you want to bulk up your muscles.

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