Arms workout: 10 Best Exercises arms toning

In this guide, I am gonna lead you through a quick five minutes arm circuit. You are going to use two-pound weights and if you o not have light dumbbells at home you can use household objects such as water bottles or canned food or anything that’s light will do the trick. Make sure you read the full article carefully for the best results. All the exercises I am going teach in 30 seconds intervals for arms workout. You’re not taking any breaks between getting your arms toned. To learn about bicep muscles.

Your palms are facing forward for around the world arms workout. You’re bringing arms up and down keeping a slight bend in those elbows. Make sure your chest is open and your shoulder blades are down the back. Squeeze that chest as you bring the arms down. This exercise is also best for arms toning. Shoulder muscles anatomy. If you feel back pain during these exercises or doing any work please do these exercises for best results.

around the world arms

  • Besides arm:

Arms out beside you for this arms workout. You are gonna come up and down, so you are drawing two big “c” on either side. Keep a slight bend in your elbows for best results also squeeze a little bit when your arms are up. Don’t forget to breathe and try not to focus on the burning sensation good for arms toning.

besides arms

  • Chest Press:

In this exercise your arms are at 90 degrees, bringing the elbows together and out, so squeeze your chest pretend like you have something in between your forearms that you are pressing together. Squeeze your back as you open the arms out and keep your elbows lifted, don’t drop them as you are gonna stay in the same for the next exercise. One of the best arms workout. If you feel pain in your shoulders during workout read this. Also visit my full-body workout guideline.

chest press workout

  • Shoulder press:

As you are in the same position as chest press. Start to press up and down again not locking your elbows out at the top but squeezing those arms keeping everything nice and strong. Stretch your arms and try not to drop your arms in between. Very effective in arms workout and arms toning.

Shoulder press workout

  • Open and Back (arm workout):

Now palms are together, you are just gonna open and close squeeze your chest as you bring the arms together also squeeze your back as open your arms for this arms workout to get your arms perfectly toned. Make sure to keep your elbows a slight bend. If you have bad knees please visit here and follow the guideline.

Open and back workout

  • W Press arms workout:

Palms facing toward the ceiling, coming in and out. As you bring your arms out palms face toward the ground also squeeze that back as you bring the elbows in. Make sure to keep your neck loose. One of the top exercises for arms toning.

W press

  • Single Arm Swing workout:

Arms are gonna stay out to the sides, You are gonna swing one arm at a time and then, in the same way, another arm. Make sure to swing only one arm at a time. You must give a little bit of break when switching to another arm. Keep it nice and strong as you bring it back to the center. Do this arms workout regularly to get your arms toned. Read about thigh fat.

Single arm swing

  • Pulse with weight arms workout:

Keep your arms to the sides and move up and down together for this arms workout. The distance you cover up and down should not be more than half of the foot means six to eight inches maximum. Try to do this exercise a little bit faster in order to get the best results. 30 seconds of pulsing here with weight will help you a lot with your nice-looking shoulders. Just keep breathing nice and relaxing while doing the exercise. If you feel pain when squeezing make sure to read this first.

Pulse weight

  • Pulse without weights forward:

This exercise is the same as number 8 but without weights. Do the same thing for 30 seconds and you are gonna move to the next exercise. Learn about shoulder bursitis.

pulse weight forward

  • Pulse without weights backward:

This exercise is part of the number 9 exercise but in opposite direction. Make sure to do this arms workout exercise a little bit faster because you don’t have weights in your hands. So it should be light and easy but very effective for your shoulders for arms toning.

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