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You’re looking to lose some body fat and you decide to incorporate some cardio sessions to help you do it a little faster. You walk into the gym looking for the machine that produces the best results or you might even be thinking about buying a cardio machine for your house. I will guide you to the best cardio machine to buy for the best fat loss results. In either case, you see all kinds of different pieces of cardio equipment to choose from such as treadmills, stair climbers, elliptical bikes and rowing machines are just a couple of the options that you can choose from. The question is which is the best cardio machine for burning fat? Well, that’s what I’ll help you answer in this article. (Read Legs and butt workout at home).

Unfortunately, there’s a very limited amount of research available when it comes to comparing different pieces of cardio and the effect they actually have on fat loss and this is because for one it’s very difficult to attribute fat loss directly to cardio because cardio isn’t the only thing that affects fat loss, obviously your diet plays a huge role before getting into best cardio machine list. Cardio gives you the ability to eat more food while it’s still burning fat but you can’t actually burn all the fat you want just by dieting alone, there are also some other factors like: (Visit to Get a bigger and round shape booties).

two machines for cardio

These factors make it very difficult to set up a study that can show a direct relationship between cardio and the pounds lost on the scale. But if you can get your heart rate higher and keep it elevated for longer portions of your workout you’ll burn more calories per minute. The study about the best cardio machine that was published in the Journal of American Medical Association, compared six different cardio machines and the effects that they had on heart rate as well as the total calories burnt during the workout session. They found that air dines bike, a cross country skiing simulator, cycling, a rowing machine, a stair stepper, and a treadmill. (Visit page for bigger and lifted breasts exercises at home).

On all the machines the participants were asked to give in rpe which stands for ratings of perceived exertion this basically involved rating the difficulty from 11 to 15 with 11 being fairly light 13 being somewhat hard and 15 being really hard. This was how they were able to establish a comparable intensity level between all these different machines. Once the intensity level between all the machines was fixed and equal, the researchers found that the treadmill produced the highest heart rate and it had the highest rates of energy expenditure, meaning it burned the most amount of calories. The stair climber come in as a very close second producing the second-highest heart rate, the rowing machine, and the skiing machine were pretty much tied for third followed by the cycling bike and the airdyne bike. When compared directly to cycling the treadmill required 40% more energy expenditure than the bike at the same intensity level. Check prices for cardio machines.

There is 5 question you should ask yourself before buying any cardio workout equipment or machine, then you’ll be able to make a decision.

  • Actually, the best cardio machine is that which you enjoy doing.

The first step for the best cardio machine is if you don’t enjoy any of them which one do you hate the least? This should be the very first question you ask yourself because even if you burn more calories on the treadmill but you hate doing it so much that you never use it well that’s not gonna help you burn very much fat at all. If you enjoy your weekly cycling class so much and you never miss a single workout but whenever you plan to go running outside you find an excuse not to then cycling is way better for you than using a treadmill. (Lose thigh fat at home).

Consistency is a very important factor to consider when the goal is to get lean and stay lean. You want to select a form of cardio that you’ll actually be able to stick to for the long haul and don’t think inside the box for this one you don’t only have to select from the cardio machines I mentioned in the article but you can choose from anywhere you see or used before and you love to work on. If you don’t like to work out on machines and are not interested in doing exercises using workout equipment you have more options here for weight loss without equipment. Swimming, boxing, and hiking are all perfect examples of cardiovascular activities that you actually might enjoy so much that they become effortless for you to stick to. Therefore the best cardio machine is that which you enjoy working on. (Learn arms workout at home).

rowing machine for cardio

  • Of all the cardio machines you enjoy, which one works the most muscles?

From the best cardio machine you enjoy, which one requires you to stand up and which ones work the most muscles at the same time. The reason why you asking this question is that when intensity levels are equal the cardio machines that require you to stand up like treadmill and stair climbers will burn more calories than cardio machines that allow you to sit down like cycling on a bike. Also whenever you involve multiple joints and multiple muscles groups into a movement, you’ll typically burn more calories from that movement. When we compare the rowing machine to cycling so the rolling will typically allow you to burn more calories when intensity levels are equal since you’re using large upper body muscles like your back as well as your legs. That’s the second important factor for the best cardio machine decision. (Guideline for full-body workout).

  • Do you want to lose fat only or do you want to stimulate some muscle growth also?

Before selecting the best cardio machine from your list, I constantly urge people to incorporate weight training into their workout since building muscles is one of the most important things you can do to burn fat and keep it off. It’s so important that you should prioritize weights before cardio for aesthetic purposes the problem is that a lot of people especially women simply don’t lift weights because they’re afraid of getting bulky which is by the way a myth or they just don’t do it because they just hate it.

Types of cardio machines.

You’re not incorporating weights you should try to go for a cardio machine that stimulates your heart as well as your muscles the stair climber machine is a perfect example of this even though you won’t be building the same amount of muscle for your legs that you would if you were doing something like barbell squats with a heavyweight load, the stair climber is one of the best cardio machines to also help you improve the muscles in your lower body. Using a treadmill at an incline angle can help you produce similar results and rowing and cycling at a higher intensity and resistance levels can help you do this as well.

  • Which is the best cardio machine for your joints?

best machine in the list

If you’re bad knees and you choose to do the treadmill just because it can help you burn more calories you may not be able to burn more calories for long enough to notice any changes to your body. There are certain best cardio machines that can higher impact and others that are lower impact. If you have issues with your joints you want to choose lower-impact activities like cycling and rowing because you’ll be able to do them without having to take long periods of time off to let your joints recover. You also have to factor in the rest of your training for example if you work your legs twice a week with weights, it may not be the best idea to use a stair climber.

Dial-in your cardio to lose weight.

The muscles in your legs will probably take longer to recover. You’re using the stair climber when compared to something like the air dine bike. This could prevent you from performing at your best during your next cardio session and during your next workout. Make sure to keep this point in your mind before making any decision about the best cardio machine.

  • Which machine you’ll able to do consistently?

That’s which form of best cardio machines are you able to handle at a higher intensity, even though the research I brought up earlier tried to keep the intensity levels for all the machines the same in real life you’re gonna be able to do certain cardio workouts at higher using machines that is mentioned above. Don’t be fooled into believing that there’s a certain intensity level you want to aim for to hit your target heart rate zone. So, you could burn more fat this is a myth the higher the intensity level you can handle the more calories and fat you’ll burn. All cardio machine names and pictures.

There will be certain best cardio machines and cardio workouts that you could perform at higher intensity levels. Now you might be motivated to work as hard as you can on a boxing bag but when you get to the stair climber once you start feeling that burning your legs you may feel like you giving up now this doesn’t only apply to the cardio machines it also applies to your training style there’s long duration steady-state cardio like running on a treadmill for 30 minutes straight at one intensity level like let’s say five miles per hour. There’s also high-intensity interval training where you might be using the same treadmill but instead of running five miles per hour for 30 minutes straight, you might sprint for 30 seconds at 8 miles per hour and then switch to speed walking for 30 seconds at 4 miles per hour intensity. Now you can take decisions on the best cardio machine that suits your physical and mental condition.

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