Booty Workout: 15 Minutes Simple Workout at Home

I will be leading you through a 15 minutes abs and booty workout, you don’t need any equipment for this booty workout just make sure that you read and learn this complete guide. In order to get a flat belly and a perfect round booty, you need to workout regularly 4-5 days a week. If you have extra fat in your belly you can do full boy workout also which will help you a lot to burn belly fat. Follow this booty workout to get a bigger and round booty. (Check the type of booty you have).

Top 7 Booty workout:

  • Squats for booty:

For the first booty workout, you’re going to do a double pulse squat, so you’re coming down, pulse and then you’re going to jump up in and out pulse. Make sure are coming all the way down in this squat. Pulse and then explode up squeeze your inner thighs together. Do this exercise for 45 seconds. Learn arms tone up workout here.

squat for booty

  • Scissor crunches:

Now second booty workout, on the ground, next you’re gonna do some abs like your belly fat will burn a lot while doing this exercise. You’re going to do some scissor crunches, so legs are in an owl position and your elbows come to your knees and switch your legs while crunching. If it’s too hard you can tap your bottom heel to the floor but the best way is to not touching the ground, just a little bit before the ground. Make sure to keep your legs straight as much as possible. Do this exercise for 45 seconds and when you’re doing it in routine you can move to one minute each exercise in this booty workout. (Anatomy of booty muscles). if you got fat thighs or skinny thighs, you feel difficult to do crunches, follow this workout to make your thighs look perfect and stronger.

scissor crunches

  • Glut Bridge SIt-ups Booty workout:

Staying on the ground for this booty workout, put your arms above your head, you’re going to do a glute bridge, and after your glutes bridge you’re going to do a sit-up as your hands come through the legs and back down. Squeeze sit into your heels and again glute bridge for 45 seconds. Learn 8 amazing facts about workout.

Glut Bridge SIt-ups Booty

  • Glut Bridge With Open legs:

One of my favorite booty workout, you’re going to come into a reverse bridge position, so your legs will be at a 90-degree angle and you’re going to do a hip thrust. Drop the booty, bring it all the way up as possible you’re going to walk the leg out and in one by one, and then drop the booty and again bring booty up and walk out legs for the same 45 seconds If you feel hip pain during this exercise, please follow this guideline.

Glut Bridge With Open legs

  • Reverse Lunge Booty workout:

Now next step by standing up you’re going to do a reverse lunge with a kickback. For this booty workout/exercise, make sure to do all the exercises with a 10 seconds gap and do all exercises without skipping a single one. If you’re facing difficulty in any of these exercises you can get a little bit help of from someone. So, you’re gonna step back into a lunge, staying on the supporting leg you’ll be going to kickback squeeze your glute down, center, and then another leg in the same way for 45 seconds. (See an amazing breast growing workout, grow your boobies naturally).

Reverse Lunge workout

  • Glute Planks:

Now you’ll be heading back down to the ground and you’re gonna do a plank by holding a plank on your elbows. Make sure you’re in a nice straight line and hold everything nice and still then one leg comes up, so you squeeze the booty and drop feet to the ground, in the same way, the other leg comes up and squeeze the booty. This exercise will make a huge difference in making your booty round and bigger. This booty workout is very effective for your glutes. (Visit page to increase height with the help of yoga).

Glute Planks

  • Single leg Rudles:

The last booty exercise of this workout, standing back up this is your last exercise for the first round. You’re gonna do some single leg rudles Choose your side you’re gonna do for 30 seconds each leg. You’re gonna drop down o your fingertips toward the mat squeeze through press through your heel and squeeze your glute. You’ll be feeling a nice stretch in your glutes because you’re doing a single glute at a time, do the same step with your other leg for the next 30 seconds. This booty workout will tone your glutes up and is very effective, you will feel a difference in your glutes after this exercise. (If you feel pain in your butt during the working whole day).

Single leg Rudles for booty

Note: Take 30 seconds rest and repeat all the exercises one more time and you’re done for today

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