Can Health Visitors Prescribe? Antibiotics or Antidepressant

Health visitors are also known as Public Health Nurses in Ireland, Social Nurses in Belgium, Plunket Nurses in New Zealand, and Child Health Nurses in the USA. These Health visitors are master’s qualified and able to give you Prescribe if the matter is not very serious. These public health visitors are registered nurses who have completed the universities training and experience doing their great job. Health visitors are of different types of qualifications and training. The answer to a question that health visitors can prescribe is Yes they can prescribe but according to their training and qualification. Some visitors can prescribe for specific or very few problems but some of them are highly qualified and can prescribe you more than 50 problems. You must ask them about their qualifications first before hiring them. The points below will help you decide which health nurse fits your requirements.

health visitors


  1. V100 Health visitors:

Health visitors are mostly working with families, groups, and also individuals to reduce health inquiries around the world. V100 qualification of a visitor in the UK can prescribe you, as they have completed the prescribing qualifications as it is part of their training. They can prescribe you for some common but not serious diseases like constipation, anti-pyretic, antifungals, and dry skin problems.

  1. V300 Health visitors:

V300 are those health visitors that can prescribe you all kinds of medicines, they are also known as independent prescribers which allows them to prescribe all BNF (British National Formulary).

V300 Health visitors

  1. When do they visit you?

Health visitors are trained nurses and a lot of midwives as well who have undergone extra training to become health visitors. Every family will have a named health visitor. Your health visitor will see you at home between the 10th and 14th day and if all is well, you will be invited to attend the child health clinic in your personal child health record book which is your red book.

  1. How do health visitors work?

Your health was to write that when she visits she will put her contact details she will put her name and how you contact her. Your health astir can be based at your CP surgery local health center or children’s center. She will talk to you and find out how your health is and what your concerns may be. Sorts of things that health is can help and support you with are anything that you may be concerned about, so your health your family’s health postnatal depression, and then all the routine baby things come up such as feeding, sleeping, crying, minor ailments and when to see a doctor. (Are weight loss pills safe?).

How do health visitors work

  1. Baby’s care:

She will also look at the baby’s health and development and will do routine development projects throughout your baby’s life and she will talk to you about immunizations. She runs lots of groups, works very closely with children’s centers, and can put you in contact with lots of other people and resources that can help you and your baby.

Baby's care

Health visitors are always there for the health of the whole family, so it is actually mums and dads who were visiting at home and helping you to adjust to becoming new parents. New parents had no experience with babies should call public health nurses at home to avoid any stupidity for the health of the child and mother. There are many things that every person does not know about babies before or after birth. Taking care of a baby is the most important part of everyone’s life at any cost. (How to get rid of anxiety and deopression?).

  1. Cost for a health visitor in the USA:

It completely depends on the type and limit of your insurance ranging from $16 per month to $150 per month. This cost also depends on the age of travelers. How do health insurance plans work?

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