Wrist and Ankle Weights: Upper and lower body Exercises

Adding weight to your body while exercising definitely helps you burn fat. During jogging, cardio, or any other fitness things these workout equipment help you maintain or get perfect body shape. The reality is anything that makes you work harder will increase your caloric expenditure that’s why it’s called the increase in caloric expenditure. Burning […]

Chest Workout: Exercises for Bigger and Lifted Breast

Women having round lifted boobies are way more attractive than a flat-chested woman. In this article, we’re going to learn 5 exercises for bigger and lifted round boobies growth for women with help of a chest workout. It is kind of fake breasts but surely it will make your boobies look bigger and lifted. There […]

Weight loss: How to use AB Roller for beginners?

In this article, I’m going to guide you on the perfect techniques of using an ab roller to lose weight and burn belly fat. Ab roller is one of my favorite workout equipment for weight loss, this instrument is very effective for people who’re stressed because of their weight. All you need to have is […]