How to Change Fitness Goals on Apple Watch? For Beginners

If you have an apple watch, you must notice or follow your daily activity using the Apple watch activity tracker app. This app is very useful for people who are conscious/serious about their health and fitness. There are 3 simple steps for how to change fitness goals on Apple watch mentioned below. Apple watch has improved its technology and accuracy of its fitness activity app by the time. Some other Chinese watches that are much cheaper than the iwatch, do tell you the activity record but accuracy is not their priority. Apple Watch takes the first position for this purpose.

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This app is really very effective for the people who are good at achieving goals for specific events such as you have set a goal for your wedding which is to be next month. You will set your goals according to the instructions given by your trainer and you will achieve them at any cost.

About Activity app:

The display of your activity app is consist of three rainbow-style rings. Pink is for move goal, Green is for exercise goal and blue is for stand goal. By watching these rings you can monitor your daily achievements. Clearly, you will see the difference in the color of rings to understand at what percentage you are now.

About Activity app

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How to change activity goals on the Apple watch of any series?

Well in the watches 7 or later you can customize all of the activity goals on Apple watch. So, if you want to make your activity goals more challenging and get results faster, you can do it very easily with 3 simple steps.

  1. Launch the Activity app on Apple watch:

Open the main menu of your watch and look for the activity icon there. It has three color rings pink, green, and blue. It may require some closer look to find if you are not familiar with the app. The picture below will help you find it quickly. Just tap on it to open the app to change fitness goals on Apple watch.

Launch the Activity app on Apple watch

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  1. “change goals”

When the app is open you will see a display of the app showing you the same three colored rings. You will just have to scroll down to the bottom by moving the key on side of your apple watch to change daily activity goals. There you will find the button “Change goals”. Tap on it and it will take you to the next page where you will be able to change all the daily goals of your choice that you want to achieve.

change goals

  1. Increase or decrease your goals:

  • Here you will see “Move goals “. Tap on “+” or “-” to increase or decrease your goal and tap “Next”.
  • Here you will see “Exercise goals “. Tap on “+” or “-” to increase or decrease your goal and tap “Next”.
  • Here you will see “Stand goals “. Tap on “+” or “-” to increase or decrease your goal and tap “OK”.

Increase or decrease your goals

All done. Now you have set your new goal to achieve this month. You can also check your weekly achievements on this app.

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