Chest Workout: Exercises for Bigger and Lifted Breast

Women having round lifted boobies are way more attractive than a flat-chested woman. In this article, we’re going to learn 5 exercises for bigger and lifted round boobies growth for women with help of a chest workout. It is kind of fake breasts but surely it will make your boobies look bigger and lifted. There is nothing better than growing naturally than artificially like scary surgeries and medicines. If you are going to the gym or doing these exercises at home, you should have two dumbbells of lightweight and two of heavier weight. You are going to grow your chest naturally, actually, it is muscle growth that makes your chest look bigger. This chest workout consists of three supersets, you’ll be doing 12-15 reps of each exercise for best results. I am sure if you follow this guide for 4 weeks, you’ll see a nice difference in your look. (Read an article about how to lose weight using ab roller?).

You should always take care of warming up before getting into real exercise especially when you are working out using equipment like dumbbells or weights. You can run on a treadmill or stair climbing or any other warm-up exercise for 2-3 minutes before starting a chest workout. Have a look at different shapes of breasts.

  • Superset 1 of chest workout:

Dumbbell Chest Press 12-15 reps:

One of my favorite chest workout lay on a straight 0-degree bench with two dumbbells each hand. You can use lightweights in the beginning so you don’t get any injury or muscle problem because it’s difficult to maintain the balance for beginners for chest press. So, your elbows should move slightly in front of your shoulders to specifically target your chest, you can touch both dumbbells a little bit and then come back down slowly. (Visit top best cardio machine selection).

dumbbells chest press

Chest Flyes 12-15 reps:

In that same supper set, you’re gonna move on to chest flyes. Your arms are going to be slightly bent at the bottom and that’s going to help exaggerate your arch and really target the chest a little bit more. You can go light weights for this exercise because it’s a difficult one to do. This chest workout is really very effective for your chest muscles. I am sure you’ll see a nice difference in your chest growth with this breast workout.

chest flyes workout

  • Superset 2 of chest workout:

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press 12-15 reps:

Incline will help target the top of your pecs. Your elbows are again slightly bent in front of your shoulders to avoid shoulder injury. Don’t feel like you have to go as heavy as you can but you should use lighter weights that are comfortable for you that you can make through but it’s still a little bit difficult towards the end for the first week of starting these exercises. Incline chest press will help your boobs to lift a little bit up as they grow on top of your chest muscles. Make sure to do this chest workout at the proper angle for the best results. (Visit my page about leg and butt workout at home).

Incline Dumbbell Chest Press

Incline Close Grip Press:

Put those dumbbells together, your palms should go down all the way up also keep your elbows very tight to your sides and press up. This exercise will help you look your shoulders wider as well as your chest. This chest workout will not only help your chest but also your shoulder muscles grow bigger. (Reasons why breasts stop growing?).

Incline Close Grip Press

  • Superset 3

Tricep Push-up 10 reps:

Your final superset but honestly probably the hardest superset you’re gonna be doing with this workout. Your elbows stay extremely close to the sides of your ribcage and your hands are just a little bit closer than shoulder-width apart. This chest workout grows your chest muscles and triceps. (Bigger and round booty at home).

 Tricep Push-up workout

Push-up 10 reps:

Last but may a little bit difficult chest workout, because you are tired but believe me this will affect your muscles more when you’re tired. Your hands will be slightly outside of your shoulders. You can do as many as you can for superset 3 because it will help you a lot in growing your chest. (Read about bad hip exercises.).


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