Cristiano Ronaldo wife age: Georgina Rodriguez life before wedding:

Georgina Rodriguez is a girlfriend you can rely on she’s a devoted and affectionate mother but before meeting Cristiano Ronaldo. This young woman is now 27 years old and she overcame a number of trials. Here’s the story of Georgina Rodriguez Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife age and early life.

Georgina Rodriguez’s life before wedding:

Her life went from a horror story to a fairy tale Georgina was born on January 27, 1994 (27 years old) in Argentina and grew up in Xhaka in the north of Spain. Her father Jorge is a former Argentine footballer. He changed his career to drug trafficking a choice that earned him 10 years in prison from a very early age. The little girl found herself alone with her sister and mother and not much money to escape this gloom.

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Was Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife a ballet dancer?

Georgina had one goal become a ballet dancer she started taking lessons but unfortunately, dance remains just a hobby. Ballet teaches discipline in every aspect of your life and it requires daily sacrifices.

My body started to change and “I knew I couldn’t become a ballet dancer anymore” aware of what her parents had given her. She wanted to change her destiny “ballet is a very expensive discipline and my parents sacrificed a lot of things for me. I was aware of this and I wanted to pay it back to them in the best possible way”

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 Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife fashion designer:

Then she focused on studying fashion but yet again money got in the way of her success. In 2011 Georgina was dealt a terrible blow her mother tragically died in a car accident but Georgina didn’t give up.

Was Cristiano Ronaldo's wife a ballet dancer?

 Georgina Rodriguez as a waitress:

She started working as a waitress in a local restaurant. Then she went to England where she became an au pair and studied Georgina returned to Spain with a new set of skills and improved English.

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Joined Gucci:

A degree and experience back in her home country. She moved to Madrid to conquer the world except she still had to work to pay for her studies. She joined a prestigious fashion brand Gucci as a saleswoman.


How Georgina Rodriguez met Cristiano Ronaldo’s?

One fine day in 2016 a real Madrid player came into her shop. “His height, His body, and, his beauty all caught my attention. I was shaking in front of him but there was a spark I’m very shy and this may have affected me more in front of a person who is just one look had a profound effect on me”. It was love, at first sight, the young woman and Cristiano Ronaldo fell head over heels.

For one another in January 2017 they became official and the two turtle doves appeared in public together at the Ballon d’Or ceremony. Georgina could never have imagined what to expect from that moment from the paparazzi fans, and journalists.

Cristiano Ronaldo wife age

Everyone wanted to know who she was a nightmare for someone who just wanted their life to continue as normal. The Spaniard was harassed the situation became unbearable people followed me. They rang my phone journalists came to the shop pretending to be clients.

I gradually started working behind the counter to restrict the press’s extreme curiosity. In the end, she had to completely quit her job at Gucci.

She was also the victim of rumors accusing her of taking advantage of Cristiano Ronaldo’s money in fame but Georgina didn’t listen to the critics like CR7.

Cristiano Ronaldo wife

She used it as a strength to push forwards her mentality has made her a person that everyone loves. She gets along really well with Cristiano jr as well as her mother-in-law Dolores. After more than three-year relationships geo and Cristiano are enjoying the perfect love story.

She’s now his biggest supporter and accompanies him wherever she can the Portuguese star knows how lucky. He is meeting a woman who experienced so much difficulty. A woman who’s allowed him to keep his feet on the ground. That woman is Georgina Rodriguez raised in Jacka she fought to turn her life into a real-life fairy tale.

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