Why you should not skip legs workout: 5 Reasons

If you train in a commercial gym, you’ve probably noticed that most guys don’t train their legs. The lower body machines at most gyms are ghost towns compared to the upper body ones. (What should you eat before and after workout?).

Girls mostly do lower body workouts using home workout equipment and also in the gym but the guys will line up for benchpress like they’re lining up for space mountain meanwhile nobody’s lining up to use squat rack because it’s more like teacups and it’s too much for most guys, it makes them wanna puke and that’s because most guys are wimps, most are too dumb to understand that in order to grow your entire body you’ll need to train your entire body for the workout.

You’ll never have a strong body without a strong pair of legs and your legs being home to some of the biggest muscles in your body therefore they require the most strenuous legs workout and because of this guys will just half-ass. If you don’t want to be a wimp you must not skip your legs workout. There are a number of home workout equipment you can use for legs and upper body also. (6 best exercise equipment for home).

Legs workout requires a great amount of intensity but remember the greater the challenge the greater the reward. If you focus on challenging your lower half as much as your upper half you’ll be rewarded with not just bigger stronger fully well-rounded legs but a bigger stronger fully rounded body and really hammer this message home, I’m gonna share 5 reasons for not skipping the leg day.

  1. You build more overall muscle by building your legs like I just mentioned stimulating your legs are just stimulating your entire body because your leg muscles are massive muscle group and when you train them a massive stimulate is sent to your central nervous system that triggers the greatest response from your body’s anabolic system. This anabolic effect carries over into all your other workouts. so when your legs workout you’re really training yourself to grow your entire body. (Abs and booty workout at home).
  2. Building on the last reason leg workout doesn’t just your lower body but it also works your upper body. When you squat you’re not just working your legs you’re working your arms that squeeze the bar your back and abs that helps stabilize the weight and so on and so forth. Basically, a bigger lower body means a bigger upper body. That’s why a legs workout is important.
  3. Increase overall strength, stronger legs and stronger core muscles don’t just help you on your legs workouts, they help you with your upper body lifts as well as your legs, lower back, and core. (10 Best fitness ball exercises).
  4. Possibly the biggest of all, a big upper body with toothpick legs looks ridiculous. Chicken legs already look bad on their own but when paired with a built upper body they somehow look even worse. It just looks comical and not just bad appearance wise but functionality-wise as well an imbalance in the body like this creates a weak frame and a number of bad things in your body that you never want to happen like a lack of balance decreased mobility, reduced athletic performance and increase risk of injury. Likelihood of lower back pain a lack of symmetry doesn’t hurt you on the outside but also hurts you on the inside. (Lose weight using stationary bike).
  5. Mental strength is the real reason, why guys don’t train their legs. It’s physically taxing and mentally taxing because your legs are such a large muscle group. Leg workout is the most intense type of workout you could do. It challenges you physically and mentally, and the sad truth is that most guys just simply don’t have the mental strength to rise up to that challenge and get it done.

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