Fat Burning Hills for beginners: 30 minutes stationary bike workout

This ride is gonna get you boosted and if you feel stuck or you have hit a plateau, we have got some hills that are gonna get you climbing and get those changes happening. If you are ready to go for a hills ride on a stationary bike for fat burning which is one of the best home workout make sure to have a stopwatch, towel and a bottle of water. First of all, you need to do some warm-up round, and let’s get ready to kick some butt. If you are new you have any questions, you can easily contact me by email on the contact page. (See the article about wrist and ankle full-body workout).


Head is up, keeping your shoulders down away from your ears, elbows tucked in, light grip on your handlebars, and a slight bend in your elbow. To get results for real fat burning on the bike, you’ll also keep your core engaged, so think belly button just fine to keep your chest up but also to give you the power to push down and pull up. (Find out used stationary bikes here).

Instruction for fat burn

  • Warm-Up Before fat burning workout:

First, you should warm up before getting into fat burning using a stationary bike. Turn the resistance to 5 and start pedaling, make sure to have resistance on because you don’t wanna get hurt because your knees are very free to move faster and the risk of getting injured is high. You can put resistance of your choice while warming up on the stationary bike. If you are a beginner, so get ready to become fit and stronger in body and mind. It naturally happens when you are physically fit, so you’re mentally fit also. If you have a computer on your bike then I will recommend you to ride on 70-80 rounds per minute (rpm). This is the best resistance and speed for warm-up. Do this warm-up for one minute and then you can also raise it up for 90 rpm if you want for one more minute but the total warm-up will be two minutes. Let’s get into the fat burn. (Visit page for naturally grow breast women).

  • First-round for fat burning:

This fat burning exercise consists of four segments, each segment consists of thirty seconds. Make sure your feet are flat and always make sure you have enough resistance during the whole workout. Again I want you to bust through that plateau this ride will help you change. Keep climbing here with 7 resistance and if you’re staying in the saddle you can add a little extra resistance if you like an added challenge it’s totally fine if you want to stay in the saddle for this ride as well. You’ll be riding to 80 RPMs you can ride upper 80 RPMs but the choice is yours, I mostly ride 7 resistance and 80 RPMs for rolling hills. After thirty seconds you’ll make the resistance to 6 and keep rolling for the next thirty minutes at the same resistance. Then, turn the resistance to 7 again and repeat the process, your total time for the rolling hills will be two minutes. (Belly fat burn using AB roller).

.First round fat

  • Second round for fat burning:

Second and the last fat burning round, you can stay in the saddle position if you want to add some more challenge, while you are jogging try to increase your speed a little bit. The modification will be staying in the saddle make resistance 7 and picking your speed a little bit here upper 70 RPMs up to 80 rpm and keeping jogging for thirty seconds. Now stand on the pedals for jogging and your shoulders should be over your hips, core stays engaged for sure and your light on your handlebars. Jogging for thirty seconds again back to saddle down keeping resistance 7 and thirty seconds pedaling then again in jogging position for next thirty seconds. (Buy best stationary bikes here).


Note: Repeat the 2 and 3 points one more time to complete your fat burning workout. (How to select the best cardio machine according to your physical and mental condition).

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