Foam Roller Exercises: 5 Best Massage Tricks

All of the muscles in your body are connected by Fascia which surrounds the tissue, nerves, organs and, all other structures in the body but fascia can become unhealthy by overuse, injury, or even by everyday repetitive movements. Foam roller exercises which are very useful fitness equipment serve to keep the fascia healthy by circulating oxygenated blood through it. The healthier the fascia the better you move, ultimately foam rolling can help to diminish aches and pains, increase flexibility, increase range of motion, enhance performance and also accelerate the recovery whether you’re a weekend warrior an endurance athlete, or simply looking to alleviate the wear and tear of everyday living. In short, you’ll benefit from Foam roller exercises at home. (Legs workout rules).

Foam rolling doesn’t need to be complicated or elaborate in fact it can be easy as three techniques.

  • One minute is better than none, simply taking the time to address one area for one minute will improve your movement and is better than not rolling at all.
  • When selecting a muscle to roll, divide the area into two zones apply techniques to each zone slowly while remembering to breathe.
  • Three motions for quick results. the three general techniques are rolling spans and stretching. (What to eat before and after workout?).

5 Exercises using Foam Roller fitness equipment:

  1. Laying on Roller (foam roller exercises):

The first stretch is laying on the foam roller. It’ll be right on your spine. This is actually to stretch out your pec muscles, your roller should have those little divots in there to give you the extra pressure points. So, you can put your arms out wide, or you can bring them into a “W” position and go out if you want a little bit less of a stretch. But if you want a big stretch on those pecs, put your arms out nice and wide. This foam roller exercise is very important. (Top 6 exercise equipment for home).

Laying on Roller (foam roller

  1. Gluts and Piriformis:

The next stretch is gonna be for your gluts and piriformis muscle. This time you’re actually gonna sit on the roller. If you have one side that needs more than the other, you can actually lean a little bit, but I mostly work both of them equally. You’ll have to find that specific trigger point and hold it, or you can do a constant roll to get the whole muscle back there. Those indentions on the roller really hit those spots that are extra tender and it’ll give you a good pressure release as you’re rolling along. One of the best foam roller exercises.

Gluts and Piriformis

  1. Hamstrings (foam roller exercises):

No, you’ll move the foam roller on down to your hamstrings, just right underneath if you want to do one at a time. You’re gonna actually lift your bottom off the ground this time a little bit, but you can use your body weight as pressure and just kind of roll or, again find where those specific pressure points are and then just hold it for a little bit. (Abs and booty workout at home).

Hamstrings (foam roller exercises)

  1. IT Band:

Turn on your side to get your IT band. This is gonna be a big one. A lot of times just a slight amount of pressure on the IT band is gonna be a lot for somebody, but you just kind of roll up and down, and you can use more of your body weight, or you can put more of your body weight on your back foot so you’re not getting quite as much pressure. This is a very satisfying exercise from the foam roller exercises list.

IT Band

  1. Calf (foam roller exercises):

For the calf, you can move all the way down to your calf muscle. The same thing, you can put a lot of pressure on your other leg, or you can put a lot of body pressure on the leg you’re rolling to give it extra push through those ridges on the roll. And if you find that spot, just hold it there until you feel a little bit of release. Sometimes, it takes up to 30 seconds, but you can definitely feel it, so let go and relax that muscle. This exercise is very effective in the foam roller exercises list. (Learn fitness ball exercises).

Calf (foam roller

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