Full Body Workout: 5 Exercises for Body Transformation

Everyone in this world wants to be healthy but it’s not easy because it needs consistency, willpower, and resilience. The most difficult part of life is to take a quick start to living a healthy lifestyle. If you start by motivating yourself and get into it, you are on the way to getting fit and healthy. By following this full body workout you will be able to transform your body in 4 weeks and live a healthy lifestyle. And once you start, the results are on the way. When you start working out and see results in the mirror you will proud of yourself and you will never want to quit. The very first step to get in shape is to maintain your diet, as abs are not made in the gym but in the kitchen, so start from your diet. After you have maintained your diet you are good to go for exercises or workouts. This guideline is perfect for beginners. Full body workout includes lower body workout and upper body workout. Read about back pain here.

Very important in full body workout. Planks are hard to do but are very effective for your core and also abdominal muscles. When you are in the position of plank it strengthens your shoulders also, in short, all your front body muscles are active in this position. This is one of the most important exercises for fat burn and getting into shape. It will also help you to reduce back pain. The rules of this position is to get down on the ground into a push-up position but on your elbows and make sure to keep your back and legs straight in order to get maximum results. This exercise includes both the upper body workout and the lower body workout. How do abdominal muscles work? Also, visit thighs workout complete guideline.

planks for full body

  • Push-ups (upper body workout):

The second most important exercise in full body workout is push-ups, we all have knowledge about push-ups and their value. Push-ups work on your tricep, chest, shoulders, and abdominal muscles as well as your thighs. Try maximum push-ups as you can, for beginners 3 sets of 12-15 turns. It targets multiple muscles and in fact, it strengthens almost your whole body. Make sure to keep your back and legs straight to get maximum results. We count push-ups in upper body workouts but it also falls in lower body workout too. Learn about chest muscles.

Push-ups for workout

  • The squats (lower body workout):

Squats also effectively work on your multiple muscles and have importance in full body workout as well as lower body workout more. Keep your back straight and your arm in front of you. Slightly move down a little bit up from the ground and back to standing position but you don’t want to stand fully but keeping your knees a little bit bend. For beginners, you can also do a chair squat by placing a chair behind you and sitting on a chair by a little bit, and standing back. Squats work on your thighs muscles and help you reduce thigh fat in weeks. You can also apply lubricants on your thighs that will help you burn fat faster and full body workout. Learn how thighs muscles work?  If you feel bad knees please visit here and follow the guideline.

squats for workout

  • The bird dog (glutes and shoulders):

Like the planks, this exercise also works on your lower back but also on your upper body. One of the best exercises in full body workout and effective for your booties bigger and round. Make a bridge by placing your hands and keens on the ground and moving your right arm and left leg in an upward direction. Make sure you always work on opposite parts such as with the right arm you should work the left leg and vice versa. This exercise help you round your booties and strengthen your legs and also your shoulders. You can ask someone to help you maintain balance when you are a beginner in order to prevent any injury or getting hurt. Learn how shoulder muscles work? Read about arms workout.

Bird dog body workout

  • The glute bridge:

Another important exercise is full body workout. This exercise directly targets your glutes and lower thighs. To do this exercise, lay down on your back over the yoga mat and try moving your hips in an upward direction. You can go upward as much as you can which will help your glutes to get round and lose fat. If your body is skinny this exercise is more perfect for you because you can get round and bigger booties by doing this regularly.

bridge for full body workout

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