Gain weight: Diet plan for skinny guys, gain 15 pounds in 30 days

It is very difficult to stick to a proper bulking diet and without following the right diet guidelines it does not matter how hard you are working out. Diet is 70% of your fitness and weight. I am going to list some best foods to get bulk and gain weight. Don’t be wasting your time working out very hard without a perfect diet plan because nothing is gonna happen. Instead of your carbs coming from sugar, your carbs should be coming from:

brown rice for gain weight


  • Sweet Potatoes

potatoes gain

yams for weight


Take about 300 to 400 grams of carbs in a day to provide a huge source of energy to your muscle if you want them to grow and gain weight. The best way to eat these things is by boiling them. You can mix these in milk to make it easier to consume because I don’t want you to move from your diet plan. The point is that if you want to bulk up and you want to do it fast you will have to get used to the discomfort that comes with eating when you truly just don’t want to eat anymore.


  • If you want to consistently bulk, gain weight and increase your carbs as protein gets almost all the credit when it comes to building muscles carbs are almost equally as important because to build anything, especially muscle, requires a lot of energy. Therefore, don’t be afraid of carbs it will give you a lot of energy for workout.
  • Another benefit of carbs is that it has a protein effect that helps you gain weight. This is important because you want the protein that you are eating throughout the day to be used to rebuild and grow your broken-down muscles.
  • A high carbs diet helps you stay in an anabolic muscle-building mode by using carbs to supply your body the energy it needs while sparing protein so it can be used to build muscles which is a good source of weight gain.
  • A carbs diet will also positively affect muscle-building hormones like testosterone and reduce hormones that prevent muscles to grow.

Get used to feeling stuffed in the same way that would have to accept sometimes feeling hungry if you were cutting your calories. Most people stop eating when they feel full. If they are still full a few hours later when they are supposed to eat another meal, they will just skip that meal. This could be equivalent to following a fat loss diet plan where every time you get hungry you would just add a meal but the healthy meal as I mentioned above in order to gain weight. (Best cardio machines).

Homemade gain weight shake:

I don’t recommend you to use pre-made weight gainer powders that you could buy at your local supplement store because it usually contains some low-quality protein concentrate mixed with lots of sugar and is sold for a premium price. I am going to help you make your own weight gain shake at home which will help you a lot with weight gain obviously but it also includes some quantity of whey protein powder which help you gain weight.

  1. Half cup of oatmeal
  2. 2 scoops of whey protein powder
  3. 1 whole banana
  4. 2 tablespoons of peanut butter

Topping the whole thing off with whole milk in a grinder to gain weight. After you blend all of it you are left with a monstrous weight gainer shake packed full of muscle-building protein carbs and fats. This shake is perfect if you’re struggling to eat enough to meet your daily targets. You can also have your shake after workout but if you do just make sure that you switch the whole milk for skim milk for faster absorption. (Flat belly using AB roller).


On the other hand, casein will be a much better protein source to have before going to bed because it will slowly release into your bloodstream while you are asleep. That can help your recovery and help keep your body in a muscle-building state. The study says people who took casein before sleeping gained 2 times more muscles as compared to people who took protein.

Note: You are not going to take pre-made casein powder but you can have milk, cottage cheese, and yogurt that are high in natural casein.

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