4 Neck Self Massage for Headache:

Massage has been used for centuries for headaches and migraines. There’s been a lot of research papers that have been published on the effects of massage showing temporary relief in a lot of cases increased recovery for headaches. I will be showing you some techniques to help you with your migraines and pain in the head. There is a type of headache name stress headache. Find the types of head pain. Read solutions about back pain.

Very effective headache treatment. To massage sub-occiput muscles run your thumbs or fingers just under the base of the skull. You will be able to find a slight crevice under the skull. Where it finishes and meets the cervical spine. Very effective for stress headache.

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When you put some pressure on this area, it feels slightly tender and you may experience some pain relief in your head. Start by using the pads of your fingertips to press into the muscle belly of the muscle of the back of the neck just under your skull. Working on the muscle fibers from the side of the neck and then back into the middle of the back of the neck again. Try not to go past and front of the side of the neck, this is where the main attachments of the muscles of the neck attach to the skull. The main one you will be working on that causes the most problems is the sub-occiput muscles. When to worry about headaches? To lose thigh fat visit here.

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Do this massage for two minutes have one-minute rest and repeat the process again for four to six sets. If you feel like there is more tenderness on the rear sides of the neck, just spend more time in this area. These muscles are from the shoulders such as the levator scapula, cervical paraspinal, and upper trapezius muscles.

  • For stress headache Double Thumb 3 sets of 2 minutes:

One of the best headache treatment. This technique is the same as the first one, but instead, you will be using your thumbs. This is more effective because by using your thumbs you’ll be applying more pressure on your muscles to relieve headaches. That may be causing referral pain to the head and back into the eyes.

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Make sure not to bruise yourself we tend to get headaches and migraines like symptoms from muscles behind the neck due to the nerves that travel through the posterior neck muscles and up to the base of the skull or around the side of the head and into the ear. These nerves consist of the occipital nerves. The greater auricular nerves and some of the branches of the trigeminal nerves that come off from the circle spine and into the face best for stress headache. Learn about arms workout and toned arms.

  • Foam Roller massage for headache:

I highly recommend using a foam roller that has foam knobs on it. They are able to replicate the thumbs that are pressing into the muscles in the back of the neck. Smooth headache treatment especially for stress headaches.

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Lay down on the floor and place the foam roller on the back of the neck at the base of the skull. Allow the knobs of the foam roller to press into the tender area of the muscles or the trigger points. This is where the majority of the posterior neck muscles attach to the base of the skull and upper neck. These muscles can refer pain locally to the face in the back of the head or behind the eye.

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Turn your head slightly to the side of the muscle you want to work on and rock yourself slightly left to right. By allowing the foam roller to do its work on the muscle. Try not to use your strength to present to the foam roller but you only need the weight of your head to do most of the work for you. Work on the muscle you are feeling pain for 20 seconds and then move on to the next area and return to the same spot, four to six times do this on both sides. You should have at least one to three areas of the neck to roll on. Don’t be afraid to move the foam roller slightly lower to work on the posterior paraspinal muscles of the neck. One of the top headache treatment and is also effective for stress headaches. Visit page full-body workout.

  • Lacrosse Ball massage:

This ball is a great compact tool that will allow you to be more precise in working on the muscles in the back of the neck and the base of the skull.

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Lay on the floor and carefully rest the back of your head where the muscle is on the lacrosse ball. It will be easier to access the muscle by slightly turning to the sides of the muscle that you would like to work on and with your chin slightly pulled back and tucked in allow the weight of your head to rest on the lacrosse ball and move your head left to right. So the ball does some passes of the muscles behind the neck. Do 20 strokes of the muscle belly, repeat this on both sides four to six times for headache treatment to release stress headache. Find out the causes of headaches.

  • Peanut massage roller for lower neck headache treatment:

Another headache treatment. You can use this tool throughout the whole spine. They have a gap in the middle so that the spine can pass through which prevents unnecessary pressure on bony prominences of the spine. Headache can be serious and it needs treatment as early as possible.

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To use the peanut tool you can rest your head on it like you’re resting your head on a pillow and allow yourself to find a tender spot where the peanut roller is pressing onto the muscle the back of the neck. Slightly lean over and turn your head slightly to add more pressure onto this area. You must know about hypertension.

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Rock over the tender area 20 times, and do this 4 to 6 times on each side. The peanut roller is great to allow you to easily access the back of the neck muscles that run from the base of the skull down to the shoulders for headache treatment. Whilst allowing room for the boning prominences of the spine to run down the gap of the peanut. Try doing this by moving this peanut roller down to the neck to work on the muscles in the mid-neck and at the base of the neck that meets the shoulders. All these techniques with or without tools will help you relieve headaches and neck muscles pain.

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