Hip Pain: 10 Best Bad Hip Exercises at Home

If you have a specific injury or if you’re just doing strengthening in general. I recommend just starting off with 10 of each and seeing how you feel. But if you have a specific injury make sure and as your doctor or physical therapist for any kind of hip pain that is unbearable. I am going to guide you with 10 hip exercises if you have bad hips and want some good results without lifting heavy weights and equipment. Causes of hip pain.

It works on lower back pain, hip pain, and all bottom muscles or joints. But it’s a great way to start strengthening your hip muscles. For a supine pelvic tilt, lie down on the ground with your legs propped up feet flat on the ground, and imagine that you’re trying to squish your hand if it was underneath you. So push down rotate the hips and come back up. See more hip and thighs exercises if you have no bad hips.

Pelvic Tilts for hip

  • Bridging of the hip:

It’s working a whole lot of muscles to get rid of hip pain. It’s working your hamstrings, your gluteus maximus and it’s really just getting your hips moving to get some strengthening in there. For bridging bring both knees up and put your feet flat on the ground. You can put your arms by your side and then lift your bottom up off the ground just to above level. You don’t want to arch your back and also you don’t want it sagging. Just bring it up a level and then slowly come back down. One of my favorite exercise for hip pain. There are other exercises for women to do at home.

Bridging of the hip

  • Clamshells for hip pain:

This exercise is really good for your gluteus medius and the TFL and IT band all the way down for hip pain at the sides. Make sure you’re doing them correctly because if you’re not doing them correctly, you’re not quite getting that strengthening that you need. For the clamshells in side-lying, lie on your side you want to exercise up on the top. Make sure your hips are perpendicular to the ground. So, you don’t want to roll back but stay up top. Then with your knees bend, bring your leg up just like you’re opening it and then back down to the starting position.


  • Straight leg raise:

One of the top hip pain relief exercise. For this exercise, it’s really important to keep your legs as straight as you can, and if you pull your toes out that will help lock everything out, and that’s really going to get your hip flexor muscles working. For supine straight leg raise lying on your back, propone knee up and then the leg you want to strengthen put it straight out and pull your toes up towards you to lock out your knee. Keep that knee nice and straight and then just lift your leg almost equal to the other knee, in other way when pulling your leg up both of your knees should equal position. Read 8 facts about exercises.

Straight leg raise

  • Side-lying hip abduction (hip pain):

This exercise is great for your outer muscles. Make sure you’re still keeping your leg straight and keeping your toes pulled tight. For hip abduction in side-lying, the leg you’re going to exercise is going to be on the top. You can slightly bend the bottom leg for comfort, but keep the top leg in a straight line. Pull your toes up tight and just bring it up and then come back down slowly. This will help you a lot with your hip pain. Read different types of hip pain.


  • Side-lying hip adduction:

In this exercise you’ll be working on the inner side of your thigh muscles. Again make sure the leg is straight while you’re working these. You don’t have to do a big motion with them but just use the correct technique. For hip pain adduction in side-lying, the leg you’re going to work on is going to be on the bottom. Take the top leg, you can either put it in the back or in front whichever way is more comfortable for you. Pull up your toes on the bottom to lock out your knee, and just bring your leg up trying to keep it in a straight line with your body and then coming back to the ground slowly. If you feel sudden and unexplained hip pain read this.


  • Prone hip extension:

Good for your glutes muscles and hamstring muscles. You don’t have to lift your leg very high with this exercise. Keep the leg straight as possible. Lie on your stomach and then pull your toes up towards you to lock out your knee. Try lifting your leg up as possible and then back to the ground. Do the same with each leg one by one for best results for hip pain.

Prone hip extension

  • Seated hip flexion:

This really works for your hip flexor muscles, the psoas muscles and is a great exercise to do using a chair. Make sure your back is nice and straight throughout the exercise for hip pain. Just bring your knees upwards as much as possible one by one and put down to the ground. Learn 5 common causes of hip pain in women.

Seated flexion

  • Squat at a chair:

It is gonna be a little bit tougher. Just make sure you’re using controlled movement. Use the chair as a target and step away a little bit away from the chair because you’re going to stick your bottom back and bring your chest forward. So your knees don’t go in front of your toes. Squat back touches the chair and comes back. Best for booty and hip pain. If you have bad knees, please visit my article.

Squat at a chair

  • Lounges:

This will be a little bit harder to do for your hip pain, but this is very effective, this works your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. If you have knee problems make sure and put a pillow underneath the knee that’s on the ground because you’re just going to protect it. If you have knee problems check these exercises to get rid of knee pain and problems.  So, you’re going to put your one foot out in front of you. Try keeping both feet pointing forward. Your upper body will remain straight and nice not leaning forward or backward. And just go straight down keeping the knee behind your toes and then coming back up. Best self massage for headache.

Lounges hip pain

Note: You can do each exercise for one minute or if you have more problems with hips you can go for 30 seconds each.

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