How does Noom Work and Cost? Beginners guide:

Everyone one of us having weight mare than normal have tried to lose weight through different ways. We always work harder on those things in which we see a noticeable improvement. If you work harder in your office, obviously you will earn more money and then you will try to earn more and more. In the same way when you decide to work on your health by dieting and workout daily, if you see the positive results you will obviously try to lose weight more. How does Noom work and cost? That’s what Noom does, it will keep you motivated and help you follow your plan and achieve something positive.

People who are consistent on anything, get results. Noom is a little bit expensive app but it kind of forces you to follow your plan and achieve your goal. I am going to explain everything about Noom such as how Noom works and cost.

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  1. What is Noom?

It’s a weight loss app and then their website describes its program as an anti-diet habit and behavior program. No food is off-limits their main focus is on calories.

As you eat fewer calories rich food and that’s how you lose weight with the help you Noom app.

Noom app also has a rating scale with different color foods and with the emphasis on eating green food like salad, because they are less in calories and more nutrients.

The whole idea of this app is that you are going to increase your awareness if you are tracking your calories.

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  1. How does Noom work?

This app will ask you some questions about your physical condition like height, weight, and age. Then Noom will ask you why you want to lose weight and how much weight you want to lose at a specific time.

It will ask about your past health issues if any such as diabetes and depression etc.

Then Noom will create a diet and workout plan for you, which completely depend on the calories you will eat and the calories you will burn daily. They will guide you to three colors of food:

  • Green Food: Fruits, vegetables, or any other plant-based food which is less in calories and high in nutrition.
  • Yellow Food: Dairy products and white meat is yellow food. Noom app will ask you to eat less yellow food as compared to green food. But you can eat an amount of quantity because dairy products are rich in calories but also contains nutrients like calcium that are good for your bones and teeth etc.
  • Red Food: Red meat and other junk food that is high in calories less in nutrition. It does not mean you cannot eat red food but limited quantity.

How does Noom work?

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  1. How much Noom cost?

Noom have different packages monthly will cost you $59 and annual packages of Noom will cost you $199. Here’s the list:

  • Monthly = $59
  • 2 month = $150
  • 3 month = $180
  • 4 month = $240
  • 5 month =$300
  • 6 month = $360
  • 7 month = $420
  • 8 month = $480
  • Annual¬†= $199
  1. Problems with App:

The problem with Noom is that the first time you do it, it may ask any female over the age of 50 that has done a lot of diets in her life. They will always tell you the same thing the first time they want on a low-calorie diet it worked. Each time they repeated that low-calorie diet it will work less and less to the point where it stopped working because diets in general specifically low calories diets or low-fat diets end up slowing your metabolism. Noom work and cost more than it is worth.

Your body is adapting to a lower amount of calories so my opinion about the Noom app working it’s a gimmick. It’s not a long-term healthy lifestyle because you are going to do this your whole life. You will be tracking your calories or you are going to just do it until you lose your weight and go back to your other program gain weight back and start over again.

There’s also a big problem also they are assuming that all these calories that are being tracked are treated the same by your endocrine system or your hormones. That is absolutely not true.

There is one very important hormone called “insulin” that controls whether you burn fat or not. If insulin is higher than it should be, you will not burn fat, you are going to only store fat. If insulin is lower, your body will then burn fat so I think it’d be really important instead of focusing on calories focus on food that stimulates insulin which would be a better strategy to help you lose weight.

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  1. Do the Keto diet works better than Noom?

Noom works and cost more than it is worth. when you are aging your metabolism is slowing down, so counting your calories is not gonna work especially when you have no food that is off-limits. You are allowing any foods including the carbohydrates in a certain amount and also the allow snacking. Noom works well and costs an amount of money but you can do it with Keto diet better.

Anytime you eat something you are going to get a little spike in insulin. If you are snacking through the day and you keep that insulin high not only is that going to slow down your weight loss but also hungry all the time.

Simply you want to lower your carbs that’s gonna decrease insulin, your body is going to start burning fat and it turns into ketones. Then combine that with intermitted fasting. It is going to make your weight loss program not only a lot more effective but a lot easier.

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