How to Calm Anxiety Attack? Stop panic thoughts:

Do you suffer from anxiety? Off course, you do if you are searching for “How to calm anxiety attack?”. Keep reading if you’d like to learn 5 ways to calm yourself down during an attack. I’m Fatimah compound a licensed psychotherapist and adolescent specialist.

I’ve been working with teenagers and their families in my private practice for seven years. What an anxiety attack is so, you could tell if that’s what you’re experiencing. Treat it accordingly I am going to guide you with 5 simple ways.

There are many tricks on how to distract your mind? and also breathing techniques to calm down your body.

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First I want to give a little bit of background on what actually is happening when you have a

anxiety attack and how to calm anxiety attack? Your body is reacting as though there is a life-threatening danger going on. If you think of this in terms of your mind thinks there’s the lion chasing you or there’s a bad guy of the gun chasing you. Then it turns on the side of your nervous system that’s fighting flight or freezes that part activates.

You get adrenaline, you get cortisol, you get the tight chest, you get constricted blood vessels, and you’re ready for danger to come. Like right now but then you look around and you see there’s no danger here right now.

It’s activating at the wrong time it could be because you have PTSD and some kind of trigger in the present moment has reminded you of a time similar in the past where there was real-life danger. Then your mind thinks about danger be scared to protect yourself. It makes sense right but what we need to do is calm it down because there is no threat right now we need to activate the other side of your nervous system.

The parasympathetic nervous system that’s the one responsible for resting and digesting. What you need to do is use your mind to calm down your brain. It’s physiologically impossible for both your resting and you’re anxiety king side to be activated at the same time.

Here are my five favorite ways to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and calm down your body.

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  1. The home alone trick to calm anxiety attack:

I really like this one. If you’re at home I suggest that you go whether you’re on your floor or on your bed it doesn’t matter.

Lay down flat because when your muscles are tensed up they’re holding the stress for you if you’re laying down. You can try intentionally to relax your muscles and let go of that stress.

What I want you to do is put your hand on your lower stomach. When we are anxiety king it’s a comment hyperventilate and only breathe in this part of our chest. Just start heaving and taking very shallow breaths.

It’s common that your fingertips or your toes will go numb from lack of oxygen. So put your hand on your stomach and purposely push it out and in out and in it forces you to breathe very deeply.

  1. Anywhere tip for a panic attack:

This tip is very effective and easy because you can do it if you’re in public or if you’re at home and nobody will notice you’re doing it say.

You’re sitting at your desk at school or your desk at work. What you do is slowly take in as big of a breath as you could possibly take. So, this is your lungs expand them as far as you can and when you think you can’t breathe in anymore. Breathe in a little bit more and then hold it for four seconds.

Anywhere tip for a panic attack

Then slowly breathe out and compress your lungs and squeeze them together. Get all the air out and when you think you’ve breathed out all of the air breathe out a little bit more. Now hold it for four seconds and then breathe in again and then do that a couple more times. Breathe in as much air as you possibly can to stretch your lungs and hold it there.

Breathe out really slowly more and more and more and squeeze your lungs together and then breathe in again. If you do that a couple of times. It will really start to slow down your adrenalin and your cortisol.

Now you’ll start to feel more relaxed even if you try it right now you’ll feel more relaxed.

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  1. Shoulder stretching method for anxiety:

You can do it at home or you can do it out in public. What you do is you breathe in all the way and raise your shoulders up to your ears.

If you’re in public just throw them down and take out a deep breath. People will think you’re stretching it’s no big deal. If you’re at home breathe in all the way huh and sigh out really loud releasing the sound and the air together releases.

Shoulder stretching method for anxiety

Some of the anxiety releases some of the pressure in your body. You can do it again and throw your shoulders down all the way too forcibly. Relax your muscles it feels really good. In this way, you can calm your anxiety attack.

You can use this with generalized anxiety, not just anxiety disorder.

  1. During anxiety attack:

If you’re in the middle of an anxiety attack. It’s very common that you will have racing thoughts. What you need to do is bring yourself back to the current moment. So, think five senses describe the room.

Using your five senses psyche is usually the easiest so, right now I see a wooden door I see my black EMDR bar I see an oddly shaped big mirror. I see my black jacket. I start describing the color and exactly what you see look around the room.

Then you can also describe what you smell. Maybe you smell your perfume on your shirt or you smell something in the kitchen or something outside in the hallway. Sense your taste can you get some water also you can see what you feel.

You can rub the back of your hand and feel your shirt feel the chair you’re sitting on. Feel the blanket around you the idea is to bring your mind back to the present moment.

Stop thinking about all the what-ifs. Just focus on what’s happening right now.

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  1. The music trick for anxiety release:

Sing really loudly if you can go in your car or if you are at home.

Just turn up the music and try to sing it will force you to breathe deeply. It will help you release the pressure by making noise by singing and it will bring you to the present moment.

The music trick for anxiety attack

Shut off all of your racing thoughts always keep in mind that this feeling will end if you think back on your history of every anxiety attack. You’ve ever had has come to an end. It always will they won’t last forever so just keep reminding yourself.

You have to bear these feelings and try your best to calm down until they come to an end.

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Leave a comment below and let me know if you’d like to learn more specific breathing techniques. There are many and I usually recommend them to my clients. They learn a whole handful of them and pick their top one or two favorites. That they can practice them throughout their daily life. When they’re just having a regular amount of anxiety and try to calm down. So, when they are in a time of crisis they already know exactly what to do.

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