Increase Height: 7 Most Effective Yoga Exercises

Short people always wish to be taller a little bit. You may have the average height or below the average but you want to increase your height a little bit possible. I am gonna teach you some yoga exercises that are good for increasing height, if you do these exercises daily and stick to them I am sure you will see the results. You will need to take a proper diet that is high in vitamin C and iron in order to help your bones to grow more. You should make a plan to follow before getting into it. A perfect diet with yoga exercises mentioned below can help you increase 2 to 3 inches increase height. (See research about yoga benefits. Height and perfect boobies shape is the dream of every girl, Visit my page about breast workout at home).

One of the best yoga exercises to increase height. Come to a standing position and you want to think about keeping your feet together. Lift your thighs and knees up by pulling your abdomen in. You’ll just try to do balancing on your toes by keeping engagement between your upper and lower body. Raise your arms up and inhale while doing this and come back your arms slowly by exhaling. Make sure to move your heels up from the ground when raising your arms. You can do this for 30 seconds when you are a beginner. (Read the mental benefits of yoga. If you feel hip pain during yoga, visit my page).

Tadasana for height

  • Vriksh Asana for height increase:

In this yoga exercise, transfer your weight over to the left side and put your right foot on the knee of your left leg. Make sure you don’t lose balance while doing this because I don’t want you to get hurt. You can take a little bit of help from the wall or any friend to hold you a little bit while doing this exercise when you are a beginner. Reach down and hold on to your ankle. by keeping the proper alignment in three poses and then press back with the left thigh and straighten your spine. Make sure to keep your upper body such as your back in a nice and straight line. Very effective yoga to increase height. (Top 100 medical benefits of yoga. And also Facts about workout at home for height and body growth).

Vriksh Asana increase height

  • Uttan Asana for height increase:

For this yoga exercise, raise your hands up in the air as your biceps are touching your ears. Keep your whole body including legs, back, and arms straight. Lock your fingers at this point and come down towards your feet. Here you will feel a little bit of stretch in your hips and come back to a standing position. This exercise will help you a lot to increase height. You can do this exercise for 30 seconds. (Read the article for perfect thighs and round booties. and a List of Yoga benefits for women).

Uttan Asana

  • Ustra Asana for height:

My favorite yoga to increase height is first bent on your knees with your hands strongly on the ground. Tuck your toes and make sure you engage your navel and slowly lift your hip up in the air. Make a reverse V bridge of your body and keep this position for 30 seconds. Visit the site for (Yoga for child development).

Ustra Asana for height

  • Paschimotan:

Spread your legs about 3 to 4 feet distance and bend to your one side by keeping your both legs and arms straight. Touch your right feet with your right hand and make sure both are straight and stretched, stretching is the main thing in this yoga to increase height, do this for 15 seconds and move to the other side same method and time. (Tone your arms up, Read this article).

Paschimotan for increase height

  • Ujjayi Pranayama (height increase):

Step out with your right foot to 90 degrees take at least 4 to 5 distances apart and your left foot slightly inside. Keep the pelvis neutral as you exhale lean into the right hip joint making your thigh parallel to the floor. Take your right hand beside your right foot, roll the shoulder blade down the back extending your arm over your head. Do the same exercise on both sides 15 seconds each to help you increase height. Yoga that is good for kids.

Ujjayi Pranayama

  • Vriksh asana:

The last yoga exercise for increasing height lay on your stomach and make sure your whole body is in a nice and straight line. Keep your feet straight to the ground and hands beside your ribs by keeping your elbows bent. Then slowly move your upper body upward and keep your hips on the ground. This exercise will provide your back with a perfect stretch.

Vriksh asana

(Full body workout for women at home).

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