Leg and Butt Workout: 20 Minutes exercises at Home

The lower body plays a huge role in your personality and look. So, girls need to focus more on their lower body as compared to their upper. Lower body shape includes legs, butt, and thighs that are easy to work on. Your daily meal is a major part of getting fit, so you’ll need to maintain your diet as well. For 20 minutes leg and butt workout you’ll be using a set of 25 pounds dumbbells and a set of 15 pounds dumbbells. This workout contains some lighter exercises and some heavier. You can use whatever suits your strength level and whatever you have access to at your home. Make sure you read the full article in order to get maximum results and do these exercises at least four times a week. By doing this leg and butt workout you will see a major difference in the mirror. Read an article about how to get round and strong booties?

You need to start the workout with a really quick warm-up. Start with keeping legs nice wide and arms are out to the sides. You are going to reach fingertips to the opposite toes hinging at the hips, you’ll feel a slight stretch in your glute and hamstrings. Do this for 45 seconds and try keeping your back straight during the whole leg and butt workout. (If you feel that your height should be a little bit taller visit my page).

Now for the second warm-up exercise you are going to drive the knees upward in nice big half circles, warming up your hips One by one each leg, and do this for 45 seconds. Learn 6 ways to warm-up your body.

Warm-up before workout

For the third warm-up exercise, you are gonna do some bodyweight squats. These squats should be nice and slow by just warming up your legs. You will notice that you’ve warmed up all the muscles that you’re gonna work on such as the leg and butt.

Note: Make sure to take 30 seconds rest between all exercises.

  • Sumo Squats 45 seconds x 3 sets (legs workout):

You are gonna grab just one 25-pound dumbbell. The way this is going to work 1 minute each set and 30 seconds rest between all sets and you are going to repeat each exercise 3 times in a row. For sumo squats your legs should be nice wide on an angle, grabbing the dumbbell, the chest is lifted, coming up by keeping the tension on the glutes. Make sure to not hinging the hips forward, keep balance and sit between your heel. This is one of the best leg and butt workout. (Grow your breast/boobies naturally in 4 weeks). Benefits of sumo squats.

Sumo Squats for leg and butt

  • Deadlift 45 seconds x 3 sets (leg and butt workout):

For this leg and butt workout, grab both of your dumbbells and your legs should be wide as your shoulder distance. You should be focusing on hinging your hips by sending the booty back nice and far and sitting into your heels. Make sure your palms are facing toward your chins and then back in the straight line hinging at the hips and squeezing your glutes at the top. You can put something underneath your toes to help yourself really sit into those heels. (How to get strong and beautiful thighs?).

Deadlift workout

Note: If you find this exercise is straining your lower back too much, you should really focus on hinging at those hips pretend somebody is pulling you back.

  • Calf raises 45 seconds x 3 sets (leg workout):

Plain and simple, grab your lightweight dumbbells and stand straight. Make sure your whole boy is in a line by keeping his back straight and firm. Now rise all the way up on your tippy-toes and lower down without spending too much time at the bottom. I feel like ladies mostly neglect their calves a lot but calves are as important as thighs and booties should be. Therefore I added some calf raises in workout. One of the very effective leg workout. Calf muscles anatomy.

Calf raises workout

Note: If you have stairs or a yoga block nearby, you can stand on that by placing your toes on it and doing calf raises. It will give you better results as you can go further down by doing this. (Tone your arms up in just 5 minutes).

  • Reverse Lunges 45 seconds x 3 sets (leg and butt):

In the last leg and butt workout of the list, you are going to use your 15-pound dumbbells one in each hand but if you can hold only one dumbbell, that’s fine just hold it up by your chest. Grab your dumbbells and step back into a lunge and alternate the same with your other leg. Make sure when you are stepping back into your lunge that your body is leaning slightly forward, so the hinge point is on the glute of your leg which is in front of you. Try pressing through your supporting heel to come back up. Modify your lunges with the help of this article.

Reverse Lunges for leg and butt

Note: Repeat all the exercises in the same way for same time and rests.

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