Lose Weight in 2 Weeks: How to start workout using exercise bikes?

This ride is all about saddle so, if you are a beginner or you just got a new stationary bike or exercise bike today’s 20 minutes stationary bike workout is for you. This workout will be perfect if you are on a stationary bike to lose weight in 2 weeks, a recumbent bike, an upright bike, a spin bike, or any type of bike because we are going to remain in the seat the entire time and this is a great option if you are a beginner looking to build muscle and endurance or if you are just looking for a low impact cardio option. If you don’t know how to set up your exercise bike click here. Before starting make sure you have a towel and a water bottle with you.

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All right so we’re gonna start out at your five resistance and what you want to feel when you are at a five is just a little bit of resistance so to protect your knees you always want to make sure that you have some resistance under your feet. Now these numbers I’m going to call out between five and nine where nine is the heaviest and five is the lightest (How to set up an exercise bike?). If you have a computer on your bike you can follow RPMs. Keep your head up and your shoulders down away from your ears, engage your core and you can think about belly button to spine. Keep your feet flat as you pedal you going to push down the pedal stroke and pull up the entire revolution of that pedal stroke. After a little bit of warm-up, you can increase speed, if you were at forty rpm you can go for eighty rpm now. You need to do this for three minutes.

Warm-up to lose weight

Rolling hills to lose weight in 2 weeks:

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Now you need to turn resistance to six and continue pedaling to lose weight in 2 weeks. With your pedal strokes, you need to make sure that your knees are coming straight out in front of you. When you are in the beginning it is so important to use that muscle memory. So you need to slow it down now. Let’s add one more in resistance and make it seven that is mid of resistance. Getting pretty heavy you could maintain it for a while though but you can definitely feel it. You’re going into a rolling hill so you’re gonna take it one resistance down and make it six. Keep going for three minutes a little bit faster than the warm-up. This is a very effective step for the aim to lose weight in 2 weeks.

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Rolling hills to lose weight

Endurance (to lose weight in 2 weeks):

Focus carefully on this step to lose weight in 2 weeks. Build your speed at six resistance for thirty seconds and make it seven again. You have one final push going in less than ten seconds and in thirty seconds it’s gonna take you to the end by picking it up even faster than the last one this is all about endurance. Get a form check right now because as you get tired, your shoulders start to come up, hunch over and you really lean into the handlebars (visit abs and butt workout for round and bigger booties). You just want a nice light grip on the handlebars and pull a slight bend in your elbow. You need to do for this first time to work on adjustments to build muscles for the aim to lose weight in 2 weeks. Now start focusing on your right leg and push down with some extra power for thirty seconds and do the same with your left leg. After three minutes are complete you will move to the next step.

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For climbs, you’ll go heavy but slower speed in order to lose weight in 2 weeks. You are going to climb the hill and make resistance eight for the next three minutes. What you are gonna find those get super heavy when you climb is to make sure that you are maintaining a smooth pedal stroke or if you are not, take some resistance off. As long as you’re instead doing right you don’t need to go too slow either. You’ll be riding right around 55 for the rest of the climb step. Remember, don’t slow down but you can make resistance eight or nine.

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Climbs lose weight in 2 weeks

Sprints (to lose weight in two weeks):

You are going for a sprint so take a breath here and get into it to achieve your goal of losing weight in 2 weeks. You’re gonna hold the resistance to seven with 70-80 rpm. Just going to push and for these sprints you have three of them one minute per sprint. Every sprint consists of thirty seconds fasts and thirty-second slow RPMs. During the sprints, you need to remember your goals that why are you doing this, and keep motivating yourself. You are so close to the end, the change that will happen when you push things that challenge you that’s what makes you stronger. Sprints are very effective for weight loss, learn more about weight loss by using an exercise bike. (Parts of stationary bike).


Very important to lose weight in 2 weeks You did it. You need to breathe and recover here. Grab a drink of water if you need to dry off. This is such an important part of your workout the cool down. You got to stick around and complete the whole step by keeping pedaling for six or seven resistance and slower RPMs of your choice. You can do this for two to three minutes and your workout with an exercise bike is done here. (Best guide for buying stationary bikes).


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