6 natural remedies for insomnia during pregnancy:

During pregnancy women do feel distressing, some of these may get worst such as insomnia (Lack of sleep).  If you are unable to sleep eight hours then it can affect your baby’s health. Therefore eight hours of sleep especially during pregnancy is very important. It really gets hard for some people who were using medication for sleep in past. We highly discourage using medicines for sleeping while having a baby inside you. Here are some natural remedies for insomnia during pregnancy to make sure you’re well-rested.

Some instant methods to get rid of insomnia:

  • Drink herbal tea or green tea before going to bed but at least 60 minutes before going to bed.
  • Take a warm bath and apply some lubricant or lotion to your body to avoid dryness. Taking a warm bath before going to bed is very effective for insomnia.
  • Increase your magnesium intake. You can have some multivitamins or supplements for this purpose.

Here are some detailed methods to avoid insomnia during pregnancy:

  1. Make a sleep schedule to avoid insomnia:

Make up a perfect and well-planned schedule for your sleep and stick to it. Consistency is very important for this problem. If you skip a single day and your routine will be destroyed. So, don’t skip and stick to the routine. You can write the schedule on paper or set an alarm for this purpose.

Make sure you sleep for 8 hours daily and try going to bed 15 minutes before the sleep time. When you are going to sleep don’t think about anything, overthinking will never let you sleep time.

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Don’t use your phone or any other activity when you are in the bed. Use your bed for sleep only because when you lay in bed all day, then you may not be able to sleep on time. Make sure to work while sitting on a chair and use your bed only for sleep. In this way, you will get tired a little bit and will be able to sleep early. This is one of the best natural remedies for insomnia during pregnancy.

Make a sleep schedule to avoid insomnia

To ensure optimum blood flow to the developing fetus, when you reach the 5th month try sleeping on your left side. You can sleep on both sides but you can try sleeping on your left side more because fetus development is really very important.

  1. Stay hydrated during the day:

Drink more water during the whole day because when your body is hydrated you will sleep better. You will not feel dehydration while sleeping. Make sure you drink water during day time only because when you drink access to water at night, then you will have to go pee several times and in this way, you will face difficulty in sleeping better. So, staying hydrated is a perfect remedy for insomnia during pregnancy.

Stay hydrated during the day

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  1. Stay active to avoid insomnia during pregnancy:

You can join some yoga classes or you can hire a fitness instructor at home if you can afford it. Staying active during the day will definitely help you sleep better at night. Don’t workout too heavily and avoid lifting heavy weights. Staying hydrated and doing some physical activity like yoga, workout, stretching, etc. In this way, you will naturally feel strong and get rid of insomnia.

Stay active to avoid insomnia during pregnancy

  1. Eat healthily for insomnia during pregnancy:

Avoid junk and spicy food because this type of food causes heartburn especially when you go to bed. It may get very worst to sleep when you are suffering from heartburn. During heartburn people also feel pain in different parts of the body such as the chest, stomach, arm, shoulders, etc. Try eating organic food or plant-based food like fruits, and vegetables. This is a very effective natural remedy for insomnia during pregnancy.

Eat healthily for insomnia during pregnancy

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  1. Aromatherapy:

This treatment has been around for quite a long time. It includes oiling or removing dryness on the skin for helpful wellbeing and health purposes. When you feel your skin dry, it can cause difficulties for you to sleep well.


  1. A perfect bedtime massage:

Massage is always very entertaining for relaxation. When somebody gives you an oiling massage on your back, all your stress will be released instantly and you will sleep earlier. Try having a massage during bedtime, especially on your shoulders. Bedtime massage or oiling your skin is very effective for insomnia during pregnancy.

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