How to set up exercise bike? Properly Fit Yourself to a Stationary bike

Proper bike set up is so important because it is going to keep you safe, allow you to have a proper form on your bike which will allow you to get the most out of your workout. In order to prevent injuries or pain in your back and knee, you’ll need to adjust all the things in a perfect way to set up exercise bike. Different bikes mostly have the same adjustments of seat and handlebar but people with different heights and weights would adjust according to their body. Let’s get straight into it! (Find out used stationary bikes near you).

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Seat Height set up of exercise bike:

Seat height is very important in set up of exercise bike. The easiest way to adjust seat height when you’re starting out is to use the top of your hip bone and raise the seat up to that point and make sure to tighten it. By using this set up of exercise bike method you’ll have the perfect seat height according to your height in that way when you start to ride the bike, the angle of your knee with pedals will be perfect for your workout (A perfect diet plan for skinny guys). Now sit on the bike and make sure you put your feet either in the cages all the way or clip your feet in. As far as your seat height goes is when you’re sitting on the bike make sure you’ll have just a slight bend in your knee. (Best guide for buying stationary bikes).

seat height for set up bike

Handlebar set up of exercise bike:

The second most important factor of set up exercise bike. You have to lift the handlebar up and you can do this one of two ways. First, you can lift it up as high as it go. It’s a little bit better to have the handlebars higher especially if you’re a beginner because it’ll help you keep proper form, keep your chest up, and makes it a lot easier to breathe. Raise the handlebars inline with your seat all the way to that stop point in the handlebar (Visit page for abs and booty workout). These two were the main parts of set up exercise bike in 2 minutes. (Parts of stationary bike).

handlebar adjust for exercise bike


After the set up of exercise bike handle and seat. When you ride on the bike the first thing you’ll notice is that your knee should have a slight bend, you don’t want it straight nor too much bend. When you’re at the bottom of the pedal you’ll not feel like you’re reaching. Handlebar at that position is more of comfort but if you’re too far down leaning into, it’s gonna make it harder to breathe also can strain your back. So, you’re gonna be nice and comfortable with the handlebar after set up exercise bike. The next thing you’ll look for is your seat either moving forward or backward. Determine if you need to do that or not and the best way to do that is to take one foot parallel to the ground and focus on the right leg. (6 workout rules before starting).

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If your knee is coming out over tees or even over the middle of your foot then you need to move your seatback. If the seat is too far back and your knee is coming high in the middle of your feet then you’ll need to move your seat forward and tighten properly. After you set up exercise bike by adjusting your seat now it’s time for the handlebar if it needs to be adjusted. When you grip the handlebar you’ll have a slight bend in your elbow but if they’re against straight you’re gonna need to move the handlebar closer to you.

Or if you feel like little scrunched up and you’ve got some major bend in that elbow then you are going to move them farther away. Now you just need to pedal just a few times to see if your feel is comfortable and breathe easily also you shouldn’t feel like your knees are gonna hit the handlebar. If you’re a hip sway going on, you probably raised too high on your seat but most of the time people are too low as far as the height goes up of their seat and once you’re properly set up on the bike that’ll allow you to engage all the muscles of your legs, quads, glutes and your hamstrings, they’ll all work together for a perfect workout after you set up exercise bike in a perfect way. In this way, you’ll also weight loss using exercise bike.

Proper form:

Now you have the proper set up exercise bike and you’ll need to know about form because that is also super important to keep you safe on your bike. You’re in the saddle and your hands are just right in the front of your handlebars. The main point about form is that while you are pedaling you must have some resistance on your flywheel that’ll protect your knee. You’re all set to ride your exercise bike and if you want to learn how to ride an exercise bike? click here.

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