10 Best Swiss Ball Workout: Fitness Ball or Gym Ball Exercises

If you are a beginner I will guide you on how to lose belly fat with simple exercises. You might want to get one and include it into your workout routine is because it is proven that people who workout on Swiss balls or stability balls one of the best workout instruments get twice as much muscle fiber in their stomach compared to people who just do crunches in swiss ball workout. Here are some best workout instruments that you can use at home to lose weight faster. Let’s get into the exercises. (Lose weight using a stationary bike).

The proper body mechanics on a swiss ball is you want your hip to be at about a 90-degree angle, knees to be at about a 90-degree angle so, you don’t want to be up high, and you don’t want to be down low. Your upper body should be nice and vertical, so you’re not slouching down also you’re not leaning forward or backward but most of the movements are in your hips when you’re sitting on the ball for a swiss ball workout. (Which size of exercise ball should you buy?).

Body mechanics on swiss ball Workout

  • Hip circle on:

For hip circles, you’re gonna keep your upper body pretty vertical and just make circles with your hips. You’re going to go around one way and then reverse it. (How to sleep in 5 minutes?).

Hip circle on swiss ball workout

  • Anterior Posterior Pelvic Tilts swiss ball workout:

With all of these, just start off with about five or ten and you can work you up from there in this swiss ball workout. You’re gonna bring your hips forwards and then backward, but your upper body to stay vertical. It’s not leaning, but you’re just doing the movements at your hips. (Stationary bike exercises).

Anterior Posterior Pelvic Tilts swiss ball

  • Lateral Pelvic Tilts gym ball workout:

For medical lateral pelvic tilts, you want your upper body to be nice and straight. You’re just moving at your hips and you’re going to go side to side. Good for your abdominal muscles on a gym ball or swiss ball. (Different types of swiss balls).

Lateral Pelvic Tilts gym ball

  • Hip Flexion fitness ball workout:

For this exercise, make sure that you’re being very safe on swiss ball while workout because once you start lifting your legs, it becomes very unstable on fitness ball or swiss ball workout. For hip flexion try and keep your upper body nice and straight. Don’t crunch down while you’re lifting up. You’ll be bringing your knees straight upwards and go nice, slow, and, controlled. (Gym vs Yoga).

Hip Flexion fitness ball workout

  • Knee Extension:

Again just starting off with five or ten a couple of times a day. For knee extension, try and keep your upper body vertical and nice for this swiss ball workout. Try not to just swing while you’re kicking out. You’re just going to take your leg and bring it straight out and then slowly come back by controlling the movement.

Knee Extension

  • Upper extremity flexion fitness ball workout:

For the upper extremity, flexion keeps your upper body vertically straight and then just alternate bringing your arms up. (How to gain weight in 4 weeks? for skinny guys).

Upper extremity flexion

  • Arm Lifts and Opposite side Hip Flexion swiss ball workout:

For hip flexion with opposite arm lifts, keep your upper body vertical. You’re going to bring your knee straight up and the opposite arm is going to come up alternating back and forth.

Arm Lifts and Opposite side Hip Flexion swiss ball


  • Same side Arm lift and hip flexion fitness ball:

This swiss ball workout is very nice for your upper and lower body muscles. Now this one’s really hard to do and make sure your balance is perfect or somebody holding on to the ball the first couple of times you try it. while doing this workout, and this workout is very important if you’re serious about your weight loss. For hip flexion with the same side arm lift, try and keep your upper body the same as previous exercises. You’re going to bring your knee straight up in the same side of the arm is going up as well. (Abs and booty workout using a chair).

Same side Arm lift and hip flexion

  • Crunches on Swiss Ball:

For this exercise, roll out to where your bottom is just on the edge, put your hands behind your neck and just do a crunch. In this way, about half an hour daily workout routine can make your dreams come true. (How to choose a swiss ball?).

Crunches on Swiss Ball

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