Weight Loss Injections Cost: Where you can find them?

  1. Healthy ways to lose weight:

If you know your body fat percentage and find out your fat is more than a normal healthy person then you must work on losing weight. The best and the healthiest ways to lose weight is to follow a completely healthy diet and exercise or workout 4 to 5 days a week. If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start, you can search for diet and fat burning in the search bar of this website. Weight loss injections cost depends on the formula of injection and the company that makes the weight loss injection. We will discuss all points including cost and where to find weight loss injections one by one.

Healthy ways to lose weigh

  1. Introduction to weight loss injections:

The human body naturally produces a hormone named glucagon-like-peptide (GLP-1). These injections help you control GLP-1 to reduce your hunger and need for calories every day. Weight loss injections are definitely effective and help you lose weight in a couple of weeks but you need to follow all the instructions given by your physicist. These injections help your body burn extra fat from some of your specific body parts such as your belly, neck, and thighs. Don’t forget to find out that the injection that you are going to use is approved by FDA and safe for your health.

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Introduction to weight loss injections

  1. Weight loss injections cost and names:


  • Saxendra:

Saxendra is a very known weight loss injection worldwide available in 18mg/3ML for 28 days supply. It helps your stomach to reduce hunger and you eat fewer calories. This medicine is recommended for adults. You may have experienced losing weight in past but most people start to gain weight again Saxendra claims that you would not gain weight again after using their product. Roundabout 12-47 lbs weight can be lost by this injection.

Note: People having MTC, MEN 2, Allergies and pregnant women should not use this product.

 Price: Original price for an injection of 18mg/3ML is $1700 but in some cases, you can get $1300 using coupons and discounts available in the market.


  • Wegovy:

This weight loss injection is also available in 2.4mg for 28 days supply worldwide and you can order it online anywhere you live. The working principle of this medicine is almost the same as Saxendra. It can help you lose weight up to 35lbs but if you reduce your diet results can be better.

 Note: People having MTC, MEN 2, Allergies and pregnant women should not use this product.

 Price: Original price for Wegovy is $1626 but you can save some money if you fulfill the insurance requirements.

Weight loss injections cost and names

  1. Where to find weight loss injections?

You can easily order any of these injections online and also in pharmacies near you. You can find out availability on google Maps also. You should have physicist instructions before buying any product.

Buy Saxendra

Buy Wegovy

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  1. Side Effects:

Weight reduction injections  may cause genuine incidental effects, including:

  • Aggravation of your pancreas (pancreatitis). Quit utilizing Weight misfortune injections and summon your medical care supplier right assuming you have serious torment in your stomach region (mid-region) that won’t disappear, regardless of regurgitating. You might feel the aggravation from your mid-region to your back.
  • Gallbladder issues. Weight reduction injections may cause gallbladder issues, including gallstones. A few gallstones might require a medical procedure. Call your medical services supplier assuming you have side effects, like torment in your upper stomach (midsection), fever, yellowing of the skin or eyes (jaundice), or dirt-hued stools.
  • Expanded chance of low glucose (hypoglycemia) in patients with type 2 diabetes, particularly the individuals who likewise take more time for type 2 diabetes-like sulfonylureas or insulin. This can be both a genuine and normal aftereffect. Converse with your medical care supplier about how to perceive and treat low glucose and check your glucose before you start and keep in mind that you assume Weight loss injections. Signs and side effects of low glucose might incorporate unsteadiness or discombobulation, obscured vision, uneasiness, peevishness or mindset changes, perspiring, slurred discourse, appetite, disarray, or tiredness, precariousness, shortcoming, cerebral pain, quick heartbeat, or feeling jumpy.
  • kidney issues (kidney disappointment). In individuals who have kidney issues, loose bowels, sickness, and retching may cause a deficiency of liquids (parchedness) which might cause kidney issues to deteriorate. You really should drink liquids to assist with diminishing your opportunity of lack of hydration.
  • Genuine hypersensitive responses. Quit utilizing Weight loss injections and move clinical assistance immediately, assuming that you have any side effects of a genuine hypersensitive response, including enlarging of your face, lips, tongue, or throat; issues breathing or gulping; extreme rash or tingling; blacking out or feeling bleary-eyed, or exceptionally quick heartbeat.
  • Change in vision in patients with type 2 diabetes. Let your medical care supplier know if you have changes in vision during therapy with Weight loss injections.
  • Expanded pulse. Weight reduction injections can build your pulse while you are very still. Let your medical care supplier know if you feel your heart dashing or beating in your chest and it goes on for a very long time.
  • Discouragement or considerations of self-destruction. You ought to focus on any psychological changes, particularly unexpected changes in your temperament, ways of behaving, contemplations, or sentiments. Summon your medical services supplier right assuming you have any psychological changes that are new, more awful, or concern you.

Side effects of injections

The most well-known results of Weight loss injections may include queasiness, runs, retching, clogging, stomach (midsection) torment, migraine, sleepiness (weariness), agitated stomach, discombobulation, feeling swelled, burping, gas, stomach influenza, and acid reflux.

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