Abs and Butt Workout: Upper body workout using chair

I am going to e leading you through an intense upper-body workout and all you for this workout is a chair or elevated surface. The chair we use for sitting and never used it for anything else but today you’ll know how useful a chair can be in your life for a workout. Try this 10 minutes full body especially abs and butt workout using a chair or elevated surface (6 Simple fitness tips before getting started). The addition of a chair takes regular exercises to the next level. Trust me this one will be perfect for you if you want a fit and attractive body by doing this for 4 weeks regularly, you will feel a huge difference in your body shape and strength. This article is about home fitness without workout equipment but you can also use the chair for any kind of workout using resistance bands, especially for the lower body. Don’t forget as you’re doing this on a chair so make sure your floor or surface is not slipping, you must have a mat under the chair, so it should not move (9 best cardio equipment). You can bring a towel and a bottle of water with you while doing abs and butt workout, but it is better if you drink water after the exercise is complete because you may feel awkward in your stomach. (Fat burning techniques using a stationary bike).

4 Abs and Butt workout using chair:

  1. First exercise:

For the first abs and butt workout, you’ll be doing is single leg step-ups. You’re going do one side at a time, you’re gonna put your one feet in the chair and come up, squeeze press through your heel, squeeze your glute also and then control on the way down. make sure you are not coming all the way up stretching your leg and hinging your hip at the top by keeping your tension on the glutes (Lose weight using wrist and ankle weights). Try feeling more stretch in your glutes while you’re squeezing. Do this exercise for 45 seconds and then shake it out and you’re going to take a 15 seconds rest and move to another leg in the same way. If you need to take it a little bit slower you can take it slower. In this abs and butt workout make sure to keep your back straight and core nice and tight while doing step-ups. (Read benefits of abs).

first exercise for abs and butt

  1. Second exercise:

15 seconds rest before moving to 2nd abs and butt workout. After rest you’re going to do push up on your chair so, coming all the way down, pressing up and one knee to the chest and another knee to the chest as close as you can. Remember to keep your back and neck straight for all abs and butt workout, also try facing the area between your hands. While bending your knees to the chest make sure your knees come straight all the way toward and away from the chest. (How to choose the best cardio machine according to your mental and physical condition?).

second workout

  1. Third exercise:

Now you’re going to do a high plank, get on your hands and feet on the chair. So, you must be in a nice straight line here, from here you’re going to tap one leg off the chair to the ground at a time. Make sure your body stays nice and still, you’ll feel a nice stretch in your shoulders and in your glutes while doing all abs and butt workout. Do this for 45 seconds and don’t forget to take 15 seconds rest between all exercises. (Best workout for bigger and lifted breasts in 4 weeks only).

third exercise for abs and butt

  1. Fourth exercise:

The last exercise of the first round is, you’re going to do a tricep dip on your chair, so your legs will be in the 90-degree angle position. Now, come down and you’ll feel your triceps stretching at that point then, come up back and bring your knees up to your chest one by one (Visit page for how to lose weight using AB roller?). Try not to move your legs in or out it should be coming straight and going straight and nice. With this your abs and butt workout is complete. (Read gym workout for abs).


Note: Do all these exercises one more time as round 2.

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