Wrist and Ankle Weights: Upper and lower body Exercises

Adding weight to your body while exercising definitely helps you burn fat. During jogging, cardio, or any other fitness things these workout equipment help you maintain or get perfect body shape. The reality is anything that makes you work harder will increase your caloric expenditure that’s why it’s called the increase in caloric expenditure. Burning fat using wrist and ankle weights is not about making something happen, it’s not a switch that when you are exercising and trying to lose body fat, all you’re doing is you’re taking a normal process that your body does every day no matter what and you speeding it up. (Chest workout for bigger breasts).

In order to do this in a safe way while holding little dumbbells or you have wrist and ankle weights. Over the years this is kind of fun on a favor because a weight at the end of an extremity has a lot of swing weight. Movements while having wrist and ankle weights when you move thousands of times in a cardiovascular setting can bring some wear and tear onto the body especially when you consider that you may be under a state of fatigue. (7 Best wrist and ankle weights online).

4 upper body workout using wrist weights:

  • You are going to be using empowers to rebound pair of wrist weights 1/2 pounds each. You’ll be starting from the biceps, get your arms up and the angle between biceps and wrist will be 90 degrees. Make sure that the weights you are wearing should not be heavy if you’re a beginner with wrist and ankle weights. Starting with lightweight will help you more for fat burn in a perfect way because heavyweight will grow your muscles but lightweight and more turns will help you burn more fat. Exercise using wrist weight is very simple, now you’re at a position where your arms are bent to 90 degrees and start workout back and for, you can feel the curl in biceps. You can do 10-15 turns when starting. (Best flat belly exercises using ab roller).

ankle straight arms

  • Now you’re going to do triceps, trail twice up to the back of the arms with ankle weights when you lift that arm up in the air, officers hands going to hold that arm in the place, you can bring that arm up and down. Officers hand will help you maintain the angle perfect because we know the workout is the game of angles, again 10-15 turns each tricep you can feel the burning in your muscles and that is what you want, so now move to the next exercise wrist weights exercise. (Which weights are good for home use?)

ankle weights tricep

  • In this wrist and ankle workout list, this is the most important exercise, now you’re going to work your upper body shoulders, bring your arms out as you’re about to fly like a bird, and then bring your arms down towards your sides and back to starting position 10-15 turns. All the exercises have the same starting and ending points. You’re building lean muscle at the end of the day. Lean muscles for any more calories even at rest versus fat. (How to select cardio machines?).


  • End this work you’ll be doing a little bit of a cardio burst. You’ve got the low app pack. There is another variation you can do is jumping and jacks or you can do a jump squat doesn’t matter because at the end of the day you’re increasing the blood pressure, the blood flow rate bottom line is reverting more fat calories over a span of time. (End of wrist weights workout). How heavy ankle weights should be?

Note: Do all these exercises one more time.

4 lower body workout using ankle weights:

Warm-up is very important for beginners, lower body workouts will be seated only. Start with a nice march, bringing your knees up, make sure to warm up your entire lower body core hold in tight, keep the length in the spine, relax your shoulders down and keep marching before getting a workout using ankle weights. Do your two big deep inhales and exhales, arms up and around, while moving your arms up you’ll be inhaling and when moving around you’ll need to exhale. Alternate extending each leg one by one. (How to increase height by yoga exercises?).

  • Take your ankle weights on, make sure to nice and tight, so they’re not moving around. You don’t want pain and pressure in your ankle, Achilles and also going into your shoes. Find the good posture again core is tightly lengthened the spine not dumping all your weight into your lower back scooch to the front of the chair. Focus on your quadriceps to start slow and controlled marches be mindful of the ankle weights a lot of times I see the big movements when people use ankle weights slow controlled focus the mind on the muscle you’re working on. Take your one leg slowly up and release then, in the same way, the other leg and repeat this 10-15 turns each leg. I recommend you to not put it all into your hip flexor which is secondary. (Pros and cons of ankle and wrist weights).

ankle straight leg

  • Alternate and controlled opening out to the sides with ankle weights. Your body stays enter facing straight and you open your right foot out the side place it on the ground for a moment and again pull back to center, in the same way, your left foot and repeat this 10-15 turns each leg. (Best booty workout at home).

ankle feet up

  • Now bring your feet about shoulder-distance apart with ankle weights on. All you’re gonna do is your heel raises, so lifting your heels up off the ground and release down, really focus on squeezing your calf muscles you’re strengthening the lower body, and do this same number of turns as previous exercises were.

ankle weights side ways

  • Last ankle weights exercise, now again to the march but this time you’ll be lifting only one leg and release to the ground and again the same leg, do this 10-15 turn for right leg and then move to the left leg and repeat. (Best legs and butt exercises at home for bigger and round booties).

calfs using wrist and ankle weights

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